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Top Tech Bloggers In India 2015

Today’s post Top Tech Bloggers in India is committed to the immense female bloggers structure India, from last couple of years who transformed their web journals into a spot for enthralling, data, and learning material. There are numerous gifted female bloggers in India, however I’ve handpicked these 4 on the grounds that they are the most examined ones in the Indian blogosphere and by one means or another helped me to illuminate certain issues. I truly preferred the way they compose and pick the themes.

top tech bloggers in india

It is continually satisfying to see an Top Tech Indian Bloggers in 2015 succeed in the realm of blogging where blogging truly has turned into a major business for both sexual orientations in an exceptionally aggressive environment to win cash and make an individual brand.


Top Tech Indian Bloggers in 2015


Blog –

 Blogger – Pankaj Agarwal

On the off chance that you will see as their acquiring then, In numerous web journals you will see 1st position to Pankaj Agarwal Top Tech Bloggers In India 2015, So its not alter that some are giving diverse position, but rather as ubiquity and which more propelled me, I am giving Pankaj Agarwal website on fifth position.


Blog –

Blogger – Jyoti Chauhan

She is a young and trying blogger and clutches her readers by an attractive style of composing. She routinely reports on web, SEO, online networking and numerous wide ranges in advanced advertising. A dedicated reader’s base and strong vicinity crosswise over social stages are two of her blog’s strong areas.She composes on a scope of topics; she may compose on new online instruments to make tones one day and the exact following day, how to build the rate of a moderate web association.


Blog –

Blogger – Shraddha Sharma

She has worked with two greatest of brands; Times of India and CNBC. Still in the event that you would prefer not to take what she has inside her portfolio sack as face worth, she has a site with really stunning outline and drawing in substance and said three words right on top; the words are, ‘Rouse’, ‘Enhance’, ‘Touch off’. She is entirely driving forward in accomplishing them.



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